Binary Valentine

Open-source and free executable files static analyzer with command line and GUI. Comes with 180+ rules for Windows EXE. ELF support is coming next!

Executable analysis

Finds bugs, misconfigurations, format and security issues related to the executable format and not the code it contains. Suggests ways to harden security and optimize execution.

Flexible configuration

Supports flexible project configuration as a separate file or in the command line. Provides adjustable rule, warning level/category, and file path filters, output and execution options.

Standard output formats

Generates reports in the industry standard SARIF format (in addition to the plain text format and terminal output).

Combined analysis

Supports both single-executable and cross-executable rules, which allow to detect even more issues for the whole multi-executable project.

SSDLC support

Can be easily plugged into the Secure Software Development Lifecycle being an executable with no dependencies. Cross-platform, can be built for Windows and Linux systems.


Multithreaded and extremely fast. Can analyze hundreds of executables per second (with a SSD drive).

Fluent UI

In addition to the command line, Binary Valentine provides a fully featured graphical user interface, which allows to perform executable files analysis in real time! It is also a Binary Valentine project editor, allowing to create, edit, save and load projects without manually writing XML.