Binary Valentine is the open-source and free to use executable files static analyzer. It detects a range of various issues, which are usually out of reach of other tools (such as static code analysis).

Main features

  • Finds bugs, misconfigurations, format and security issues related to the executable format and not the code it contains. Suggests security hardening and execution optimization techniques.
  • Supports flexible project configuration (file path, rule filters), which can be supplied as a separate file (see XML project) or in the command line (see Command line).
  • Supports several output formats (terminal output, plain text, SARIF).
  • Supports both single executable rules and combined (cross-executable) rules.
  • Can be built into the SSDLC (Secure Software Development Lifecycle).
  • Provides a fluent graphical user interface (GUI), which allows to analyze executable files in real time, as well as create, load and save projects without manual XML modifications.
  • Multithreaded and fast. With the fast SSD drive, scans the whole Windows 10 System32 folder in 10-20 seconds.

Flexible project configuration

An XML project file can be supplied to Binary Valentine, which would scan the project according to selected rules and filters. A project can contain one or more files or directories to scan (with optional regular expressions to filter path names). Each path or file can be configured with a separate set of applied rules, warning levels and categories. Apart from that, XML projects can specify output format and execution options (e.g. thread count and max memory consumption limit). In addition to project-based execution, Binary Valentine can be invoked by supplying all parameters to its Command line.

Industry standard output formats

Binary Valentine supports several output formats to ease integration with other systems. In addition to terminal and plain text output, it supports the Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) 2.1.0, which is the industry standard format for the output of static analysis tools.

Graphical user interface

Binary Valentine graphical user interface

Binary Valentine provides a fluent user interface created with Qt libraries, which allows to analyze executable files in real time. It is also a project editor, allowing to create, edit, save and load projects without manual XML modifications.


Binary Valentine can be built for a range of platforms with a set of C++20 compilers:

  • Windows 10/11, MSVC 2022 (Visual Studio solution and CMake build are provided)
  • Linux, GCC 13.0 (CMake build)
  • Linux, Clang 16 (CMake build)

Windows 10/11 and modern Linux (kernel version 5.1 or newer with io_uring enabled) are supported as of today.